What is Patriotism and Disrespect of Country?

This might turn a little controversial.  That’s really not the intent, but this subject has been in the social networking limelight, so to speak, for the last few days and my brain has been running this through processing since it hit.

A football player in the NFL has refused to stand up for the National Anthem before a game, which has led to another doing so, and then the rumor that a whole team has said they will not stand, either.  I’m sure this has raised the ire of every red-blooded American that feels this is the greatest form of disrespect to our country, and to the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces.  At first, I was also affronted that this form of disrespect was being taken.  I mean, how dare they do such a thing?  Then I got to thinking…Yes, this is a form of disrespect.  I don’t believe they are right, but it is their right to decide whether or not they take this action, or inaction, however you want to view it.  But, by our own actions or inactions, how many of us could be accused of the same degree of or greater disrespect to our country?  Bear with me as I try to put my thoughts into words.

How many of us sit by and do little to nothing when our elected Representatives hack away at the Constitution?  We haven’t gotten in the predicament we’re in as a country by standing up for our rights, but by the lack thereof.  We exhibit “coffee house” politics and opinions but when it comes down to the line, we feel it’s better to let someone else do something about it.  In short, our apathy towards protecting our inalienable rights has gotten us to where we are today.  We have stood by while the puppet masters have called the shots on the way we go, maybe offering up a little squeak now and then, but mostly thinking that by voting for “this guy”, we’ve done our part and let’s wait and see what happens.  We can now sit back, say the Pledge, sing the Anthem and feel very patriotic about ourselves.  No. No, no, no…this is the problem.  This is not patriotism.  This is a feel-good mentality and it is killing us.

You see, we have failed to see the big picture. Instead, we content ourselves to look at just a portion.  We have the feel good moments when we vote for “our guy”, thinking we’ve done our part.  Liberty is much harder to fight for than that.  Take a look around.  We are permitting the murder of the most innocent among us, unborn children, and we don’t say much. We are constantly in an entanglement of some kind with this country or that one, when in fact, we shouldn’t even be there.  We have allowed the control of our monetary system by an outside force (there is nothing “Federal” about the Federal Reserve), something the Founders were adamantly against.  There is no free market anymore.  If you doubt that, try and set up a Farmer’s Market and see how much red tape you have to go through.  We don’t have a Second Amendment anymore.  If you don’t believe me on this one, just try carrying a weapon without a PERMIT, which is a permission slip from government.  What happened to the “shall not be infringed” part?  Freedom of Speech?  Did you know that in this “free” country, you can now have charges brought against you and be prosecuted for “thought crimes”?  It’s happening right now in Oregon.  All of this is just scraping the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much more that could be added to the list.  And we, through our apathy, have allowed this to happen.

Not standing up for the National Anthem is disrespect, yes.  But, in my opinion at least, we have demonstrated the greater disrespect.  We have allowed ourselves to lose the liberty that our Founding Fathers fought so hard to establish.  Shame on us.


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