Political Stress

I’m sure everyone is feeling it. The General/Presidential election is right around the corner, in 17 days, to be exact. We’re all wondering what awaits the future of our country based on what the outcome of this election will be. What will we be facing with a Trump or a Clinton presidency? After all, one of them will be among some of the most powerful leaders in the world, right? Where will they be taking us? Into greater liberty and freedom, where the Constitution is indeed revered and considered the law of the land, or more and more into an authoritarian, unconstitutional existence?  I wish I could see into the future and answer those questions. But one thing I believe we fail to realize is this, the election/selection of one person is not what we should be fearing or counting on. No one person is going to make or break us…without the people’s consent. Yes, I said it. Why? Because of Congress. You may ask why I bring up Congress right now. Good question. Let’s dig a little. 

Congress is supposed to be the voice of the people. We elect a few individuals from our respective states to hold the President accountable. They have the authority to tell the President “no”. Of course, we’re in all of our messes as a country because Congress hasn’t had the courage or initiative to do that. They go along to get along, voting left and right to do away with liberty and the Constitution, allowing the President free reign for nearly every whim. And that, sadly, is the people’s fault. We have sat by and let them vote us out of a Constitutional Republic FOR DECADES. Many people doing so without so much as a sneeze. Why? Because we have been fed the lie that they are the leaders. 

They aren’t. They are our employees. What happens when an employer discovers that an employee has lied, cheated, and stolen? They fire said employee and hire someone more trustworthy. What have we done as employers? We have kept the employees that have proven themselves over and over again how dishonest and untrustworthy they really are. We fail to look at the candidates running to be public servants through Constitutional eyes. We believe the lies being thrown our way and vote because they’re the “Republican”, “Democrat” or “Libertarian”. We the People are the ones who sold out our freedom to those who offer us “sparkly things” and a great line once in a while. We have let our employees take over and now we are reaping what we’ve sowed. We have traded in our freedom for chains, and we did so without hardly a whimper.

This election may be the final straw, then again, it might not be. Who knows? But we have already fractured the Constitutional system. The sad part in all of this? We did it to ourselves. We sold ourselves into this slavery.


2 thoughts on “Political Stress

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    Special thanks to my good friend Lelayne Tapp for her thoughts here. This is her new blog and you may want to bookmark it. She serves on the state executive committee from Cimarron County for the Republican Party and is a long time grassroots activist for life and liberty in Oklahoma.

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