There is No Difference Anymore

The general election is one day away. Tomorrow we will see who will be moving into the White House in 2017. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is wondering what sort of mass chaos, if any, awaits the aftermath of November 8th. I don’t rightly know if the American people will truly be winners either way. I do know that the American people won’t be the winners if we continue to let our employees (because that’s what the President and Congress are) run rough shod over us and continue to shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights with every bit of their elected strength.

It used to be a Republican vs Democrat playing field. The Republicans used to be “the Champions for the Constitution” against the governmental overreach paraded by the Democrats. Now it’s hard to tell which is which, except for the R or D in front of their names on the ballot. For quite a while I’ve given up on voting for party only because of that very reason. The Republicans have a party platform, the state of Oklahoma’s platform being very Conservative, except no one wants to stay in line with it. Least of all those currently holding office. 

If there is no chance of making a Constitutional difference on the national level, we have got to start making that difference at the state level. We have got to start holding the people running for office to a higher standard. On issues, we have got to be asking the question, “Is it Constitutional?”. And if it’s not, we need to rethink our support. Do we want to get back to the Constitution, or do we want to see it destroyed? Do we want the Forefather’s  fight for liberty to be in vain? I truly hope not.

We have got to make a stand. It will not be fun or pretty. It will be a fight. But the country that the Founding Father’s dreamed of is worth it. Liberty and freedom are worth it. 


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