It’s Not About That, Really…

Hey all,

  There’s a big debate going on practically everywhere, especially now that the U.S. Supreme Court is hearing the issue on Proposition 8, which was passed in California. It basically states that marriage is between one man & one woman, not for same-sex relationships.

  Everyone has an opinion about this issue, whether they be for or against legalizing same-sex marriage. What about this? What if it’s not truly about this issue, but the fact that it’s not for the Government to even have a say about it? Hear me out. They’re waving a flag of distraction in front of us, trying to keep us at everyone’s throats so we miss the big picture.

It’s never been about gay/lesbian rights or traditional marriage.

  It’s always been about what the Government can get away with, control-wise. “Let’s see if they’ll give us control over areas where Constitutionally, we can’t even step a foot.” Please tell me you’re not surprised. When you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, what do you do? You get all of the arrangements ready for a wedding and then you go down to the local courthouse and apply for a marriage license. You are asking permission from the Government to marry the person of your choice. Is marriage like driving, a priviledge? I think not! It is a right that the Government cannot, should not touch.

  But we have let them in, telling them we are willing to become mindless slaves and not just in this area of our lives. We don’t want to think for ourselves anymore. What has happened to us since that glorious speech of Patrick Henry’s that ended with “Give me liberty or give me death!”? We have become too comfortable with our “easy” lives and too involved in fighting our neighbors as if we were children on the playground. Enough! This is not our fight. Our fight is with those who want to strip us naked of the very freedoms our parents & grandparents fought so hard for! Will we let it happen?

  I’d like to think that I tried my best for freedom. Patrick Henry did. What about you?